Success Story

Why have you choosen JLupin Next Server?

The place that you can share with the community the reasons why you have chosen JLupin. This could be very valuable for those who are wondering when is a good moment to take the smartest platform for microservices and the fastest application server (at the sane time).

For example:

  • Complete platform - everything is on-board
  • Fast, binary communication
  • Automatic Interfaces
  • Automated, transparent Service Discovery
  • Zero downtime deployment
  • Scale-out architecture
  • ...

Which JLupin Next Server functions have you used and how?

Please, give us the list of functionalities, that you have used or you plan to use. This will be a great guide for us, which features should be developed faster then others.

For example:

  • Servlet microservices
  • Native microservices
  • JLupin Queues
  • Elastic API
  • JLupin Control Center
  • Zones
  • ...

Of course, don't forget to enter the number of deployed microservices in your project ! (dark blue box, just under the title).

What benefits JLupin Next Server brings to your project?

The relation between technologies and business is important for us, that's why we will be very greatful if you can list the benefits that come from using JLupin in your project.

For example:

  • Faster development
  • Shorter time-to-market for new functionalities / changes
  • More creative work, less coordination
  • High availability out-of-the-box
  • High performance of applications running on JLupin
  • Access to highly skilled experts :)
  • Access to Marketplace and JLupin Solutions
  • ...


This type of devzone entry is for answering the fundamental question - what kind of problem the technology solves (or help avoiding). We have many ideas regarding possible use cases of JLupin, but the most valuable are those coming from the community, from you !

Please share you experience with others !


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