JLupin Next Server Microservice Deployer run configuration

JLupin Next Server Microservice Deployer run configuration allows to deploy microservice to server. Just click grey down arrow.

Figure 1. Dropdown with run configurations.

And then selct to Edit configurations....

Figure 2. Edit run configurations.

You will see run configurations window. In the upper left corner you should see green plus sign. Click it and from the list select JLupin Next Server Microservice Deployer.

Figure 3. Add JLupin Next Server Microservice Deployer run configuration.

You can name your run configuration same as microservice for example. Also select desired microservice to deploy from dropdown. You can also select Debug checkbox if you want. This will add -X parameter to run command. Also if you want to provide some additional parameters for Maven command you can use Extra arguments field. They will be added at the end of executed command. Confirm your settings with Ok button.

Figure 4. Setup run configuration.

Now you can start your configuration. Select it from dropdown list and click green arrow next to it.

Figure 5. Start run configuration.

You shuld see output from deploying (and building) your microservice (similar to the image below). It will just run proper Maven command which will use your project configuration.

Figure 6. Run configuration started.

That's all.