Remote Console With DES XML Streaming Protocol - flow diagram:

DES XML Streaming Protocol is a communication protocol between the server and the console.

By default it is used by the JLupin Next Server Console, which is published with the server and dedicated to communication with this console's entry point (JLupinDESXMLInStreamOutGlobalCommandEntryPointImpl).

Encryption/Decryption algorithm is PBEWithMD5AndDES. This algorithm uses a password and the salt for establishing the encryption/decryption process. Password-Based Encryption (PBE) derives an encryption key from a password. obtaining a key from a password is very time-consuming for an attacker. Most PBE implementations will mix in a random number, known as a salt, to create the key.

In order for communication between the console and the server to be successful, it is necessary that the password and salt are the same on both sides.

On the server side the salt and password are found in: SERVERHOME/server-resources/ On the console side the salt and password are found in: CONSOLEHOME/configuration/

On input Protocol accepts encrypted XML message. On the output stream protocol is encrypted from the server that allows you to see the next operations performed by the server on-line. Every single server and console can contain a unique salt and password.