Main JLNS start files exist in 'server' directory (start.cmd or - see the following parameters:

%JLUPIN_JAVA_EXE% %JAVA_OPTS% -cp %JLUPIN_CLASSPATH% serverStart consoleCommandModeOn startApplicationParallelModeOff INFO

Here are the parameters:

  • serverStart - command to start server engine (do not change them)
  • - the main configuration server file (configuration files have java language syntax) - see Server Configuration File chapter
  • consoleCommandModeOn - this mode can manage the server from the console from which server was started, consoleCommandModeOff - the server can be managed only from the remote console which is part of the JLNS distribution
  • startApplicationParallelModeOff or startApplicationParallelModeOn (the first parameter starts an application in a synchronous mode. The second one starts in a parallel mode (especially for Linux OS - this way your application can start faster)
  • INFO (also DEBUG, WARN, ERROR, STACK) - specifies the server logging start mode (only start mode not when it is running) - similarly as in initializer modules or classloader