System Requirements
These are the minimal system and hardware requirements to run JLupin Next Server properly with initial configuration provided by the Vendor. Note that amount of resources provided to the production environment depends on the number of applications, their individual requirements and the load of the related service.

Chipset Architecture x86, x86_64
Processor (CPU) one 2 GHz CPU
Physical Memory (RAM) 2 GB - depends on server jvm memory settings
Disk Space (HDD) 500 MB (only binaries and server logs)
Operating System Linux*, Windows

Main Server:
Oracle JDK 1.7.x
Oracle JDK 1.8.x

Oracle JDK 1.6.x Oracle JDK 1.7.x
Oracle JDK 1.8.x

Tested on Ubuntu/CentOS/RHEL 6.x 64-bit
Tested on Windows 7,8