JLupin Platform versions

The are two versions of JLupin Platform:

  • COMMUNITY - completely FREE of charge, suitable for system design. It has some limitations in scope of the number of nodes available tools (management, monitoring, etc.), but in terms of functionalities the runtime is identical with the enterprise version. The support service are provided by vendor to his best effort through contact form at https://jlupin.io or by the community members.

  • ENTERPRISE - commercial version, suitable for large and/or mission critical usage, there are no limits in the scale of operation and all associated tools or extensions are supported. The support service is provided under SLA by the vendor and/or partners to ensure required level of service.


Runtime functionalities all all
Non-production usage yes yes
Production usage yes yes
# Microservices / node unlimited unlimited
# Nodes / Zone (Cluster) 2 unlimited
# Zones (Clusters) unlimited unlimited
JLupin Platform support Best effort SLA
Community software support Best effort SLA
Patches no yes
Consulting services extra paid included*
Price FREE contact us

* architecture design or assessment

What do I get using COMMUNITY ?

  • Fully featured JLupin Platform suitable for production
  • Support service provided by the community in best effort manner
  • Access to all community software (provided under JLupin Community License):
  • development plugins (IntelliJ, Maven)
  • runtime extensions (queues, channels, http session repository)
  • management and monitoring tools (CLI, Web console, JMX extractor)

Where is the trick ? :) - the number of nodes in the cluster (zone) limited to 2, which means that the maximum number of instances of each microservice in each environment is limited to 2.

The example of compliant configuration is presented below:

Figure 1. JLupin Platform CE - one zone / cluster configuration.

This is "only" two microservices..., but please remember that due to True Zero Downtime Deployment in JLupin they are always up & running, event in case of restart or upgrade.

Another example take advantage that number of zones / cluster are not limited at all... so you can have plenty of two-nodes communicated with each other, having different level of resources (CPU / RAM) zones / clusters as show on the following picture.

Figure 2. JLupin Platform CE - multi zone / cluster configuration.

What do I get using ENTERPRISE ?

  • You can extend zones / clusters to any number of Nodes
  • SLA for support service
  • Access to our knowledge and experience through consulting services (architecture design / assessment is included !)

Which version is for me ?

  • To taste the technology - choose COMMUNITY
  • To design prototypes - choose COMMUNITY
  • to run non-critical applications (prototypes / F&F stage) - choose COMMUNITY
  • in any other circumstances - choose ENTERPRISE.