JLupin JMX Extractor Standalone Client can be download from our download section.


It's extremely easy :) The ZIP file contains command-line JAVA program in the following directory structure:

+-- bin               # runtime scripts that allow to run JMX Extractor on Linux and Windows
+-- configuration     # Configurations files
+-- lib               # Libraries (JARs)
+-- logs              # log files (if something wrong happens during performance data collection you will find the reason here)
+-- temp              # temporary directory for internal usage

In order to install and start using you should:

  1. Prepare a directory for JLupin software (ex. /opt/jlupin - $JLUPIN_HOME)
  2. Add a dedicated user (group) for JLupin administration software (ex. groupadd jladm && useradd -g jladm jladm) and login using it and login using it (it's optional but recommended step)
  3. Unzip the package into the prepared directory
  4. Consider changing default configuration
  5. Start using it :)