All software from Community section is FREE of charge. You can use it for non-commercial and commercial purposes on every environment, including production. Starting from version 1.6.x.y, the platform is available under the open source license - Apache 2

Where to start ?

  • Get JLupin Platform - the platform with embedded Edge Balancer & CLI Console, with already deployed additional components (queues, channels etc.) and demo application ("Currency converter").
  • Try JLupin Platform Development Tool to create your own project and find out how nice & easy JLupin is.
  • Take JLupin CI Maven Plugin to build the project and deploy on JLupin Platform.

Welcome in ENTERPRISE section where all software are provided under commercial license (subscription or perpetual). We also offer the "embedded" option as a percentage share - this is the best option for software houses.

What you get using Enterprise ?

  • easy upgrade paths
  • support & consulting services
  • support for all community software
If you want to get Enterprise Conditions for JLupin Platform (and all tools, API, components) please follow the next steps:
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    Complete your profile
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    Contact us
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