All software from Community section is FREE of charge. You can use it for non-commercial and commercial purposes on every environment, including production.
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Where to start ?

  • Get JLupin Platform - the platform with embedded Edge Balancer & CLI Console, with already deployed additional components (queues, channels etc.) and demo application ("Currency converter").
  • Try Development IntelliJ Plugin to create your own project and find out how nice & easy JLupin is.
  • Take CI Maven Plugin to build the project and deploy on JLupin Platform.

Would like to get more about JLupin software ?

More about products

Welcome in ENTERPRISE section where all software are provided under commercial license (subscription or perpetual).

What you get using Enterprise ?

  • unlimited number of nodes
  • easy upgrade paths
  • support & consulting services
  • support for all community software

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If you want to download JLupin Next Server Enterprise please follow the next steps:
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    Complete your profile
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    Contact us to gain access to 60 day trial period Enterprise Edition
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