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JLupin Super Microservices Platform

idea of Microservices taken one step further

High performance full stack application platform for Microservices Architecture with built in orchestrator. It's a lightweight PaaS which enables fast creation and distribution of your systems in SaaS or on premises model.

Boost your Dev / Optimise your Ops
Most components written from scratch
Low Complexity

Use any language
Run, manage, orchestrate any technology
Synchronous / Asynchronous communication
Free and Open Source

High performance and Scalability
Let Microservice Architecture be your advantage
Hassle Free Microservice Architecture

High Performance

  • “Super Microservices” - Function as a Service,quickly compilable to assembler
  • Use Microservers to run “Super Microservices”
  • Heap memory reduction resulting in better allocation and faster defragmentation
  • Unique, fast, easy reactive queues and channels
  • Fully configurable socket pooling for communication between microservices
  • JLRMC (JLupin Remote Method Call) - fast, binary and text communication protocol for JVMs
  • Use any serialization marshalling mechanism you want
  • Faster completion of JIT compilations (C1, C2- e.g. Azul Zing Falcon)
  • Achieve extremely low latency, blistering fast query processing by bare metal deployment


  • Out of the box redundancy and orchestration
  • Enables further decomposition of layers into independent microservices
  • Easy Health Checks/Self Healing with no overhead
  • Process Manager controls microservices - zero downtime deployment
  • Lightweight, Reactive, Real Time, Local Service Repository

Secure your data (HTTP And JLRMC with SSL), without the big cost of establishing connection each time.


application platform

Boost Digital Business
with smart



  • Deploy the Platform and Orchestrate
    - Bare Metal
    - Virtual Machines
    - Kubernetes/Docker
    - Mesos/Marathon/Docker
    - Cloud Foundry
    - OpenShift
    - OpenStack
    - or any cloud
  • Truly server-less and Functions as a Service architecture
  • The possibility of using known Circuit Breaker mechanisms
  • IntelliJ plugin to create faster applications with architecture visualization
  • API Gateway with full Edge Load Balancer for both client and server side
  • Client side Load Balancer

Application Performance monitoring

  • Operating Systems (processors, memory, disks, network utilizations)
  • .NET
  • NodeJS
  • Spring Boot
  • Kafka
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis
  • Nginx
  • GoLang
  • Number of requests per second
  • Errors
  • User's activity path between all components of the application
  • JVM
  • JMX