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What can we give to the business ?

We know how to do our job - architecture, data models, algorithms, code and so on and so forth... we know what, we know how and usually we know when. But this stuff is only a path leading to the final product - an IT service provided to its users - the real goal of all our activities as engineers. How can we help our business ? Better code ? More sophisticated algorithms or data models ? It's not enough.

Let's give them more value in less time !

In other words - let's give them better IT solutions provided in shorter period of time. To do that, we need to boost the development ! How to do it ? There are three basic conditions of "better IT solutions":

  • Flexible architecture where new functionalities, concurrently developed by you and your colleagues / other teams, are smoothly deployed without the need of upgrading "the whole world". The architecture that allows to upgrade particular functionalities without the need of changing anything else. Less effort, less tests, less time. Just perfect :)
  • Scalable & reliable architecture that meets all load requirements. The architecture that allows to scale easily and precisely each group of functionalities individually. Such approach not only allows to achieve higher overall capacity but also ensures better performance in terms of response times.
  • Various communication patterns that help process data more efficiently. Synchronous along with asynchronous requests, publish & subscribe, even reactive models that allow to keep services' responsiveness high regardless complexity and amount of data to be processed. Standard approach where all is done in the synchronous mode is simply not enough for "better IT solutions".

In order to meet all this conditions we need distributed architecture (microservices) powered by communication bus with event-driven / asynchronous capabilities. Such environment needs strong technological support - an application platform that allows to build, run and manage applications in distributed architecture. A platform that besides its powerful features for development does't complicate your OPS world. A platform that has built in everything what you need - ready to use out of the box to save your precious time. If you agree, you definitively should try JLupin Platform and convince yourself that:

Boosting the digital business is done through boosting DEV keeping OPS simplified

If you wonder how can we do it for the most demanding industries and business models we introduce the following summary:

WE BOOST FINTECHs through perfectly suitable architecture for highly complex environments, that need reliability and regulatory compliance. We have extensive experience in the financial industry and we can provide key solutions together with our partners, starting from core banking system from INCAT (BOS – Banking Operation System), going through Identity & Access Management system (IAM Comarch) and finishing with ScheduleIN – the workload automation system made by InfiniteDATA. We've helped Alior Bank and T-Mobile Financial Services with JLupin Platform in the core areas of their environments and supported their transition from fintech to middle-size bank.
WE BOOST E-COMMERCE through scale-out architecture that can handle any load level in complex environments with always changing business requirements. We are focused on high performance computing in distributed environment, providing truly FAST REACTIVE communication patterns that allow building unique user experience regardless of complexity, load and amount of data to be processed. The system is always responsive, REACTS immediately.
WE BOOST SOFTWARE HOUSES through extremely simplified requirements towards customer’s environment, while providing significant added values coming from microservices architecture implemented on JLupin Platform. Stop competing with lower prices. Start providing scalable, flexible and reliable systems in cost-efficient manner, keeping development costs low.