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Yes, we've done it ! The next release of JLupin Platform ( will be provided under Apache License Version 2 license, which is approved by Open Source Initiative and is completely safe for software vendors that use JLupin to build their own solutions.

Our approach is very clear - all core components that are involved in data processing including basic management tools are provided as open source software. Let's go through details.


Main server & jlupin-client-assembly with included load balancers, binary protocol implementation, service repository & discovery, process manager.
Local CLI console (also recognized as "control") that allows to control and monitor single node through wide range of commands.
Management API that allows to build custom management tools. It's ready, but not released, we plan to provide it in January 2019.
Maven plugin with CI/CD capabilities.
IntelliJ plugin that helps a lot in development.
NGINX with LUA based JLupin module, embedded in the platform as a technical microservice.
Queues implementaion with reactive communication pattern, provided as a NATIVE microservice.
Dynamic channels implementation (enables reactive communication patterns), provided as a NATIVE microservice.
Local cache for session data handling, that enable zero downtime deployment with sessions being sustained. Provided as a NATIVE microservice.

Some of the already provided solutions, which extends management and monitoring capabilities will be available for production usage only in case of having support service from JLupin. We call it "support extensions".


Command line tool that simplifies collecting monitoring data from nodes and microservice.
Graphical (web-based) tool to visualize, monitor and control JLupin environment on a node (including integration REST API).

We also plan to provide some commercial products with enhanced management capabilities, but at this stage we would like to focus on services.